Friday, October 23, 2009

"L,Isola Incantata" (The Bewitched Island)

The Winx girls travel to the island from Roxy's vision, the mystical world of Tir Na Nog sealed within the White Circle. Upon arriving, a mysterious figure keeps calling out to Roxy and a dark force soon abducts the Winx, taking them to the prison of all Earth's Fairies. Upon defeating the force and undoing the lock that keeps the fairies imprisoned. Things seem to be alright at first, but then it turns out that the Earth Fairies want revenge against their captors at all cost, even if it means destroying Gardenia. 


  1. where's episode 18 and 19 ?

  2. The translated episode title says 'enchanted' or 'magical' island, not bewitched. Well, it does but does not give the same meaning in English.

  3. winx season 4 in english?!?!?!?!